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16.30-17.30 (children 9-12 y.o.)
instructors: Paulina Metkowska, Mateusz Metkowski
fee: PLN 160/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Lost in Translation, 205, 2nd floor

We kindly inform you that the classes will start when we will gather 5-person group.

The classes, conducted in the form of a workshop, aim to introduce children to basic programming issues, helping them to improve their general knowledge (of geography, animal world, traffic rules, safety, etc.).

Each class consists of three parts – a short multi-media presentation, problem solving and programming as well as a summary.

During the multimedia presentation, we introduce new concepts and explain what the children’s task will consist in. We use pictures, charts, videos and curiosities, ask questions and encourage discussion. We address issues related to the topic of the classes, robotics, information technology, as well as curiosities from the world of technology.

Then comes the time for programming. This is the most important and the longest part of our classes. The children solve problems and tasks together. There is also time to have fun and carry out experiments.

After completing the task, we sum up the classes. We talk about what we managed to achieve, what didn’t work out, what affected the effectiveness of our actions. We’re repeating the concepts we’ve learned.

The topics of the classes and the level of difficulty of the tasks are adjusted to the age of the participants. We work on the basis of Edisons – educational robots dedicated to children. Depending on the children’s age, we program in one of the programming languages dedicated to them – EdBlocks, EdScratch or EdWare (Scratch-based programming languages).

The children work in pairs (or, in the case of some tasks alone / in larger teams). Each of them is assigned an appropriate amount of equipment and materials (a computer, a robot, task cards, etc., depending on the subject).