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Programming for beginners

17.00 – 18.00
instructor: Paulina Stępska
fee: PLN 120/month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Lost in translation, 205, 2nd floor

NOTE! Classes are conducted in 3-month cycles!
The programming classes were designed as a workshop based on OzoBot robots ? small devices created especially with small children in mind.
In contrast to many other classes with elements of programming, the robots do not need to be constructed and created. OzoBots are immediately read to use so the classes can focus on programming.
How does OzoBot work?
The robot moves along lines, and by using special colour codes, the young programmers can influence its functioning (which way it will go, how fast, and in what colour). The lines can be drawn on paper or tablets. In addition, OzoBot can be programmed with the help of a dedicated software ? OzoBlockly, which is based on the Scratch programming language.
Each lesson has its own theme. We will touch upon subjects related to technology, nature, geography, and culture. After a short introduction, we define the problem to be solved. The children learn group work, making predictions, and drawing conclusions.