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PROFANUM is a meeting with everyday life of every person. We know what is human, what happens in every life, and what leads to loneliness?. This most intimate part of each of us is a great mystery to which we ourselves have access. But there is a chance! Chance to get out of loneliness! You are the answer to our search. We meet to interact with each other, during which feelings of friendship, love, physical contact, but also anger, hatred, lie, and abandonment arise. How to find harmony and understand your own desires? How to understand the people who surround us and their critical attitude towards the world?
PROFANUM gives you many answers. PROFANUM leaves a line of thinking. You should not avoid meeting with the truth.

Directed by Kamil Wawrzuta
Choreography – Kamil Wawrzuta with the performers
Scenography: Anna Wojtecka
Performers: Natalia Dinges, Paulina Jóźwicka, Jan Lorys, Oskar Malinowski, Krystian Lyson
Duration: 50 min
The project is co-financed by city of Warsaw.