Prewar Mokotow. The most beautiful photos

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A meeting with the author Tomasz Pawlowski.

The photographs in the album ,, Prewar Mokotow. The most beautiful photographs, “which is published by RM, make a multidimensional portrait of a young contemporary district in Warsaw. The album consists of well-known buildings in Mokotów, but also the place where the photographer looked rarely like Sielce and Sadyba. Photos from these places have survived as the most valuable in family albums. So let’s go for a walk not only through the Old Mokotow, Wierzbno, Ksawerow, Służewie (according to the modern division of the district), but also the Sielce, Sadyba or Siekierki to discover them for themselves.

budynek czekolady wedla przedwojenny mokotów