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Press Photo Laboratory: Document, Photo Essay, Portrait

Saturday (once a month)
instructor: Jacek Turczyk
fee: PLN 200/ month, Saturday classes for class participants: PLN 100/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Blow-up, 301, 3rd floor

Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to inform you that classes have been suspended in February.

The classes will consist of several key topics that a young photographer should know and try to create on their own.

  1. Each photographer must know their rights and obligations, what they can photograph and post e.g. on social media.
  2. What equipment to choose, what to take into account, and whether the most expensive equipment is the best
  3. What to take into account when taking photos: take a photo from afar or come up close, what lens to use, with flash or without, etc.
  4. How to use a place as a photo shoot set?
  5. Basics of working in a studio, both with a model and still life.
  6. How to “process” a photo, how to put together a whole photo essay?
  7. Journalist savoir-vivre and copyrights.
  8. Assessment of participants’ works.