Premeditated crime

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House of neighbor ?Accumulator?

Rubus Theater
We met at theater workshops. We liked this amazing craft and each other. As a result of this feeling – so far – three shows with the participation of the audience have been created. We want to share not only the effects of our work, but mainly the positive energy that emanates from it.

In the theater, we are…
Amateurs who find joy in life in this work. In our life, we deal with completely distant fields, such as finance, IT or advertising. The age range of our 12-person group is about 30 years.

Management and artistic care
Our instructor and director is Magdalena Kaczmarek – a theater and film actress who not only shares her knowledge with us, but above all creates an atmosphere in which she “wants to want”.

Perfect crime
The inspiration was Witold Gombrowicz’s story, to which we added more layers and characters…. Of course, you can find a recipe for a crime here. However, it may turn out that the success is not determined by the recipe, only the way of giving ………..The final form.

See you.