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“Portrait of a Woman on Fire”

In program:

  1. His Girl Friday, 92?
  2. “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”, 120?

room: Broadway
tickets: tickets for two movies PLN 20, buy tickets online or at the reception
tickets: tickets for one movie PLN 12/15, buy a ticket online or at the reception

at 8.00 pm
“Portrait of a Lady on Fire”, 120?

France, 1770. Marianne, a beautiful young painter, is commissioned to paint the wedding portrait of the aristocratic He?loi?se. However, the bride, who does not want to get married, refuses to partake in the wedding preparations, particularly sitting for her portrait. Marianne pretends to be He?loi?se?s companion, there to keep her entertained, while secretly painting the girl in private.

Plakat promujący film, na którym na sianie, które zapala się od pochodni stoi młoda kobieta ubrana w długą suknię.