Polish avant-folk: traces of tradition in the avant-folk

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What collections of meanings generate the notions of tradition and avant-garde, especially with regard to music?
Where and why do they come in contact?
In the western world there is an avant-folk term – what is the properness of such a category?

During the expert debate accompanying the Festival Nów participate:. Dr. Weronika Grozdew-Kołacińska (musicologist and singer)
Antoni Beksiak (musicologist, musician, publicist and curator), Raphael Rogiński (musician).

This Festival will be an event referring to the 40-year history of the avant-folk scene in Poland. We hope that this will lead to a broader reflection on this aspect of the musical culture of Poland in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. In the opinion of listeners and critics especially of Western Europe (which is little known to us), it is, besides Polish jazz and classical music, a valuable part of our contemporary music, expressing in a modern and original way the “Slavic spirit”.
The event will be accompanied by the promotion of the album’s anthology, “Mirror”, which contains the most interesting works of the avant-garde artists of the last few years.

At the Festival will have its premiere avant-folk anthology CD “Mirror / Slavic Mirror”, published by In Crudo / Requiem Records.

Organizer: Foundation “Za-kresy”
Co-organizer: Culture Center “KADR”
Soon more details: tickets, public gatherings etc.
The festival is supported by the National Cultural Center.