Piotr Szymanowicz

Graphic designer with 20 years of professional experience. His adventure with graphic design began in Bauer publishing house, in editorial offices of Teletydzień and Świat Seriali magazines, where he learned the secrets of typesetting, compositing, digital photography processing, and preparation for print. Later work in advertising/PR agencies in Krakow, Łódź, and Warsaw brought different experience: creating strategies for cities and regions, ATL, BTL campaigns, design, editing, animation, postproduction. He is currently cooperating with many artists at various projects ? exhibitions, fashion shows, performances, concerts, events, spectacles. Together with the ZAPUSZCZAMY group, he created “I Believe in Białowieża ? Science for Nature” ? a voice of scientists in defence of nature. I love my work and I will be happy to share my experience with all of you at the GRAPHICS and OFF/ON Project workshops in the Kadr Culture Centre.