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Pilates Gold

instructor: Marta Wawryszewicz
fee: 40 zł/ month.
room: Dancing in the dark, 307 a/b, 3rd floor

Classes start in October. You can register from 14th of September.

PILATES is a workout method created by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century. It is characterised by apparently simple exercises that train our body and mind. Because it is based on mindful, controlled, precise movement, coordinated with breath. It is said that Pilates is “a mindful, clever way of moving”. It involves safe and efficient movement recommended to everyone ? young and fit persons, sports people, as a form of prevention and body hygiene, as well as older people dealing with spine or joint problems after accidents or sports injuries.
During the classes, we will focus on maintaining correct posture, alternating between mobilisation of the spine and joints (increasing or maintaining correct and healthy range of movement) and stabilisation ? strengthening muscles of the whole body ? including deep muscles that stabilise the spine (so-called core muscles ? stomach and pelvic floor muscles). This way, we are bringing back muscle balance in the body ? tight muscles relax, and weak muscles become stronger. This translates into improvement of overall fitness, posture and reduction of pain.
We practice in small groups, which allows the instructor to notice and correct each of the participants. Participants perform the exercises at their own pace and within their own capacity. Each exercise can be modified and adjusted according to individual participant’s needs. What counts it control and precision, and not quantity ? that is why, it is effective and safe.