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Picture with seaweed

room: Broadway
free entrance, booking places online or by phone

The performance summarizes theatrical activities for seniors realized within the framework of the Tadam Studio.
Images, fragments, visions, faces, visualizations ?
A common house, where the idea meets with your imagination ?
A game of association? Words like seaweed floating freely in an aquarium?
Mysterious mustache a’la Salvador Dali, a photo without a camera, a capacious antique drawer ?
Duality, word play as inspiration in the spirit of poetics of Master Mrożek.

Alina Kręcisz
Anna Woroniecka
Asia Gębarska
Bogumiła Karbowiak
Bożena Burakowska
Dorota Puzanowska – Duda
Irena Bielecka
Ludmiła Dąbrowska
Marek Turkiewicz
Ula Płochock
Witosława Giedrojć
Wojtek Stankiewicz
Zofia Bogdańska