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Physics distractions

17.00-17.50 (5-10 y.o.)
instructor: Zofia KozioĊ‚
fee: PLN 160/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Akapit, 115, 1st floor

We invite children to physics and chemistry workshop with experiments, where they will experience and describe the observed physical laws and chemical compounds on their own.

All workshops have a similar formula: theoretical knowledge is mixed with experiments that confirm it, no question or issue is left out.

Some of the workshops, as a summary, end with the development of a prototype device, a construction or own experience, which the participants take with them. We encourage the participants to discuss, ask questions and share their knowledge.

There is plenty of emotion and satisfaction every time! Proposed topics during the year: Human body, Robots, Mixtures and solutions, Waves not only at sea, Why things fall – gravity and inertia of bodies, Fire stories, Slime in 1000 ways.