Photo dialogs

Gallery, third floor
free entrance

The Photo dialogs exhibition is a collection of nearly 80 photos of over 50 authors. They are graduates from TAIDA school courses and photography workshops, which in autumn 2018 celebrated the tenth anniversary of their creation. Its founders, Taida Tarabuła and Przemek Wierzchowski belong to the Union of Polish Art Photographers.
The exhibition presents works representing various currents of photography – from nature and landscape, through impressionism and abstraction, to reporter photography. Most of the photos are rather individual visions of the author world than a document.

Fotografia przedstawia 6 osób, skierowanych w lewą stronę, każda z osób trzyma w rękach aparat fotograficzny. Osoby stoją w jednym rzędzie, jedna po drugiej. Zdjęcie zrobione po zmierzchu.