Patrycja Sasin

A graduate of the Faculty of Pre-school and Early School Pedagogy at Maria Skłodowska-Curie Warsaw University and of the Faculty of Pedagogical Therapy at Wszechnica Polska University in Warsaw. Sensoplastics® 1st Level Coach. She also graduated from a photography technical school.
She takes great pleasure in working with children. The greatest joy is to observe the progress and achievements of her class participants. She approaches her work with passion, commitment and creativity. She can create extraordinary things with simple materials. She easily establishes contact with children, admires their spontaneity and enthusiasm; her priority is to get to know children, provide them with a sense of safety and create favourable conditions for versatile development and play.
She spends her free time to travelling, which is an opportunity to discover the diversity of the world. Her passion is motoring. In her personal life he follows the words of John Paul II: “You must demand from yourself, even if others wouldn’t demand anything from you.”