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“Painting of the sound”

free entrance, booking places online
instructor: Ola Bilińska
room: Happy feet, 305, 3rd floor

Lullabies – who does not like them? This is the last thing that we often hear in our childhood before falling asleep … Music that changes into a dream. It flows from the mouth of my mother, father, grandmother – someone who loves us very much.
Lullabies have been singing to children for ages. Two of these old lullabies we will learn during the workshops – but it will not just be a text and melody! It will happen!!
– we will get to know a little Yiddish language, which Jews once spoke in Poland
– we will learn how to run our sound imagination and “paint sound” musical images
– we will learn modern electronic instruments and learn how to use them
– we will create an electronic choir and percussion orchestra!
The workshops are for children at the age from 3 to 6 years old and their parents!