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Painting & Drawing

“Painting and drawing” classes in connection with the current epidemiological situation will take place online.
Classes will be held via instant messengers and conference services (Skype, Zoom, and WebEx).
We invite regular participants for online classes, hours to be determined individually with the instructor.

instructor: Anna Sobol
fee: PLN 100/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Afterimage, 211, 2nd floor

The classes consist mainly in drawing from nature and are conducted in the following programme blocks: drawing, painting, designing, own work, open air sessions, individual and group exhibitions.
For beginners: drawing basics, overview of techniques, composition, valour exercises, still life, preliminary sketch and drawing from nature in selected techniques, colour theory, colour perspective ? lecture and exercises, landscape study, still life study in colour ? gouache, acrylic and oil paint.
For advanced: assistance in choosing the topics and solving technical problems in individually created works, correction of individually selected painting themes.