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Painting and drawing – preparation for fine arts high school

instructor: Urszula Pielach-Gemzała
fee: PLN 200/month, trial class: PLN 50

The classes will cover: perspective drawing, drawing from nature, as well as open-air classes.
The class programme is very flexible and we adapt it to the needs of the participants who are preparing for exams for a fine arts high school as well as those who treat painting and drawing as a hobby and want to develop their skills.
The aim of the classes is to learn the principles of drawing and painting through still life and model studies. During the classes, we are going to learn about basic colours and how to mix them, how to construct solid figures, build compositions, basic elements of perspective and form perception, linear perspective and perspective in painting. The classes also teach to observe form, structure and colour. In addition to painting and drawing tasks, we will dedicate a few meetings in the cycle to the spatial form (an element required at the fine arts high school exam).
The group formula of the classes will allow the participants to observe the individual approaches to the topic of each of the persons. It will also be a time for discovering their own expression and style. In addition to the instructor’s assistance, you will also be able to exchange experiences and observations with the other members of the group.
Classes also available for foreign-language participants (English, Russian, Spanish, Italian).