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“Pędrek Wyrzutek” on the motifs of Stefan Themerson’s prose (Teatr Scena Lubelska 30/32)
Directed and designed by Dariusz Kunowski
Music: Mieczyslaw Litwiński
Performers: Katarzyna Żytomirska, Daniel Brzeziński, Piotr Herbich, Agata Brzozowicz
Light and sound: Tomasz Strzelczyk

The performance is based mainly on the prose of Stefan Themerson, a remarkable Polish writer and filmmaker associated with the pre-war avant-garde, after the war of emigration.
The title character is a fantastic, imaginary figure trying to find itself in a world that does not fit, as it is neither a human nor a dog, a fish or a bird, combining the elements of each of these creatures. The performance is humorous, often based on nonsense, and it also touches on serious issues such as exclusion.
The project was funded by the Office of the City of Warsaw.