Our fascinations. Painting by Mariola Rudnicka and Barbara Dobrowolska

Landscape painting, still life, flowers, abstractions and more.
Barbara Rychlewska-Dobrowolska about herself: I have been interested in painting since I was a child. I won the first prize in 1963 in a painting competition entitled “From the life of the Soviet Union.” The painting was entitled “Welcoming Gagarin in Warsaw”. After this period, there was a time of interest in artistic fabrics and embroidery. I returned to painting in 2012 as a student at the University of the III Century at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in the painter’s workshop run by the artist, Alina Stępień, where I gained painting techniques such as: drawing, watercolor, pastels, acrylic, oil and mixed techniques. And so painting has become my passion, the meaning of life and the act of creation. In 2014, I became a member of the Warsaw Association of Artists. Then, from May 2016, I attend painting workshops at the Culture Center “Kadr”, which is run by the artist painter Anna Sobol.