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Open Woodworking Shop

Saturday (Twice a month)
instructor: Adam Kaczmarek
fee: PLN 90/ month, single entrance: PLN 50 – includes tools
room: MacGyver, 217a, 2nd floor

If you are a DIY person but do not have space to work, if you want to try woodworking, if you have an idea to make something out of wood but do not know how, then come to our woodworking shop! Our classes offer you a fun and creative way of spending time, where you can saw, drill and polish as well as learn the secrets of traditional woodworking.
As part of the ?Open Woodworking Shop?, you will be able to use the space and tools in our workshop to carry out your own woodworking project, for example, a simple piece of furniture ? a coffee table, a souvenir shelf or a rack, refurbish an old chair or a table. If you have your own idea, but you are not sure how to go about it, we invite you to the Open Woodwork Shop. We are sure you will be able to complete it with our help and advice.