“On the other side”

ticket: PLN 20/30, booking places online
room: Broadway

20 November 2021 (Saturday), 4.00 pm – buy a ticket
20 November 2021 (Saturday), 7.00 pm – buy a ticket

On the Other Side is the next step in the Jubilo Foundation’s three-year research on the themes of freedom and seclusion.

The main intention of this artistic intervention is to try to establish a direct relationship with the people involved in the project, and to translate their work used in the social environment (i.e. prisons) into the framework of a performative form.

How can we, as artists, become active witnesses of meetings outside prison walls and through the use of performative tools, transform the threads, stories and faces encountered during this journey and make them appeal to a wider audience?

The performance is co-financed by the Off Polska program, the Wrocław Commune and Erasmus +. The OFF POLSKA program is funded by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.