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instructors: Piotr Wysocki, Piotr Szymanowicz
fee: PLN 180/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Blow-up, 301, 3rd floor, Matrix, 112, 1st floor

Classes suspended until a group of at least 5 people gather.
Please register online, if the group starts we will inform you.

Photography as a tool for documenting the surrounding reality and as a means of artistic expression.
The best camera is the one you have on you? Mobile photography made this idea more authentic than ever before. However, we need to remember that photography basics are also important ? both when we are using an SLR and a smartphone. The possibility to post pictures quickly and discretion it affords may be the main reason why we are use a telephone instead of a professional camera. Taking photographs with a phone requires thinking about what we want to show and how, the same as in the case of a traditional camera. We should not assume that the automat is going to do the job for us. A carefully composed shot on a smartphone may be as good as a photo taken with more advanced equipment. During the classes in the OFF/ON Laboratory, we will learn the basics of photography as well as the possibilities offered by mobile photography.

Sample class topics:
? History of photography in a nutshell.
? Pros and cons of modern cameras. What are the difference between a compact camera and an SLR, and what is a MILC?
? Camera settings: ISO, aperture, exposure control, white balance, manual settings.
? How to compose a good photo? Principles of composition.
? Lights and colour in photography ? principles of correct exposure, light measurement modes.
? Focal length, depth of field ? why do we use different lens?
? Painting with light. How to capture a streak of light and how to photograph a ghost?
? Portraits: characteristic, situational, family, fashion.
? Basics of digital processing and archiving photographs. Photoshop and others, free digital processing software.
? How to use the potential of a smartphone and how to use it to take good photos? Mobile photography.