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Off- All Souls? Day

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November in our culture is associated with reflection on final issues. Independent filmmakers often take on the topic of death, but they do it in an unpredictable way. On the 2nd of November we invite you to a special show Warsaw Short Framing, where we often try to present an unpopular theme.

In program:
A concrete case, dir. Karsten Kranzusch (Germany) 27?
The story of three friends from Rostok, who have to face the deadly disease of one of them.

Take Away, dir. GeĆ³rg (Spain) 14?
The story of a meeting under a bar with burgers.

Game of life, dir. Vialleton Agn?s (France) 13?
Mathias and Alex meet each other every year to play in a unique show.

Hogwash, dir. Ivan Kitayev (Russia) 29?
One day in the provincial morgue, the body of a man appears, he reminds to be a ? Lenin.

Total duration: approx. 85 min