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Nobody knows anything

room: Broadway
ticket: PLN 25, buy a ticket online or at the reception

“Nobody knows anything” is a unique theatrical event for children.

Improvisers perform a comedy show during which, together with the audience, they invent and set the course of funny, touching and adventurous stories. The children help the actors to create the world and the characters. Everything is improvised live, which makes each story unique and only happens once. It also happens that young viewers are engaged on stage!

The performance is intended for viewers aged 4 to 10. But we guarantee that the adult audience will also have a wonderful time.

Grafika przedstawiająca w pionowych zdjęciach trzy młode kobiety, które wchodzą w skład Kooperatywy Śmiesznie. W lewym dolnym rogu znajduje się logo spektaklu - niebieska uśmiechnięta chmurka z tekstem Nikt nic nie wie na okkoło chmurki.