Night of Museums ? taking off a neon sign of Culture Centre Kadr

Free entrance

The main point of the Night of Museums will be scheduled at. 21.00 Stefan Kornacki’s spectacle entitled “Taking off a neon of Culture Centre Kadr”, the creator of a long-term action “Inscription project”, whose essence is the action in the public space with the use of roofed advertising inscriptions. The artist, using cassettes and neon signs from demolished buildings, explores local history and creates new meaningful situations by changing the context. Similar happening will be based on the happening planned for the Night of Museums. The main point of the program will be taking off the neon sign of Culture Centre Kadr from the building at Gotarda 16 Street.

The event, referring in form to the popular in the years of splendor of the building of the show the wheel of fortune, will be led by Wojciech Pijanowski. Live music performed by the Pokus – jazz band.