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17.15-18.00 (children 3-5 y.o. with guardians)
18.15-19.00 (children 6-8 y.o.)
17.15-18.00 (children 3-5 y.o. with guardians)
18.15-19.00 (children 6-8 y.o.)
fee: PLN 130 / month – one a week, PLN 200 / month – twice a week, trial class: PLN 30
room: Happy feet, 305, 3rd floor

Learning English through singing, dancing, playing instruments, rhymes, and games. The aim of the classes is to develop children’s language abilities and musicality.

They stimulate creativity by letting the children create their own musical and verbal pieces. We rhyme words accompanied by percussion instruments, mainly using free or guided improvisation technique. Language activities used during classes are based on the three most famous systems of musical education, devised by Kodaly, Dalcrose, and Orff.

At the same time, we often reference B. Strauss’ and E.E. Gordon’s methods. The key element of C. Orff’s system is acknowledging the child’s natural needs, which means the need to feel joy, move, be creative, and express their experiences.

The didactic consequence of such an assumption is using music and language games, which consist in movements, gesture, dance, music, and words. The children will acquire vocabulary appropriate to their age.