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Musical Dance

instructors: Beata Pawlik KociaƂkowska, Anna KostrzyƄska
fee: PLN 110 / month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Dancing in the dark, 307 a / b, 3rd floor

The classes are a perfect choice for children and teenagers who have a lot of energy and wish to use it in an interesting way. We are going to create dance impressions to the tune of film music that you love. Drawing on many types of dance (depending on the fragment we work on, it may be jazz, rock&roll, hip hop, etc.), elements of acrobatics, and acting, we offer to take you on a journey around the world of dance.
In addition to dance abilities, the classes develop movement awareness, intelligence, and creativity. The dance is characterised by varying tempo and leg kicks, splits, and acrobatic figures.
The exercises performed during the classes improve a sense of rhythm, stimulate psychological and movement development as well as coordination, and the final results are truly spectacular.