Modern Culture Centre Kadr: Photographic film studio equipment

In the new modern building where the Culture Centre Kadr is moving, there is a photo-cinema studio with a cyclorama – a photographic background that does not generate shadows. The studio has basic equipment that requires expansion.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage granted to the Culture Centre Kadr, the INFRASTRUCTURE OF COMMUNITY CENTRES 2017 will be purchased: camera with accessories, set of lenses, tripods and lamps.
Purchasing photographic equipment is essential to make full use of the space potential, to increase access to the cultural offer, and to increase its attractiveness by implementing modern technology. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, it will be possible to create professional conditions for photography and film workshops aimed at young people, adults and seniors from the Służewiec area, and thus raising the competences of the institutions’ recipients in visual arts. Achieving social change through cultural education activities in a photographic studio. This will be possible by retrofitting a photographic studio to the necessary professional equipment.

The purchase will enable to develop a modern range of photo and film education classes for:

1) Youth
In the closest surrounding of the Culture Centre Kadr, there are three schools: School Complex No. 27, LXV High School of Gen. Joseph Bem, and School No. 6. Students of these schools took part in the consultation process of a new institution program run by an external research center. A demand was a conclusion if only in programe workshops connected with the visual culture and the photograph were. Modern equipment will allow to launch attractive cycles and projects, which will result in works presented in two galleries of Culture Centre Kadr.

2) Adults
With the launch of our new photography and film studio, we want to offer modern living to those who live and work in Służewiec Industrial Park, which will develop the skills associated with photography and filmmaking. An important element of our offer will be its availability. Thanks to organizational solutions, it will be possible to use the studio in the evenings and even at night.

3) Seniors
Seniors were interested in taking part in photo workshops as part of the Retro Akademia’s. Contrary to popular stereotypes, older people are not only those who want to learn the basics of photography, film and modern technology, but also those who need to develop their competence in these areas.
Importantly, the photographic and film studio and its activities can become a meeting space for the above mentioned groups, as well as meetings between people from different social and professional groups who usually have a slight contact with each other on a daily basis. In all the above age groups, there are people with disabilities that we want to involve in cultural education. The new building will have barrier-free access for wheelchair users who will be able to take part in photography and film studio activities without any obstacles.

Co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.