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room: Broadway
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Welcome to the Final Gala of the 4th edition of Miss HIV 2019!
Florence, Rafael and Jessica Montilla will perform on stage. Three of the most beautiful and talented Drag Queen of Poland! Behind the scenes, four girls are preparing for the final performance – Irina, Julia, Klara and Urszula. These exceptional women are carriers of HIV. Each of the candidates has a story. Do not miss this charming evening full of passion, music, performances.

SPECIAL GUEST: Drag Queen Sellin Dé Mellon

Performance of the Theater Studio “KADR” and an amateur group “The Square”.
The spectacle is only for adults.

Na zdjęciu w przybliżeniu widać kobietę w długich rudych włosach, tańczącą podczas wspólnej zabawy z przyjaciółmi.