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Micro-model Building and Strategy Games Laboratory “GOLIAT”

instructor: Tomasz Świderski
fee: PLN 120/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Die Hard, 216, 2nd floor

We would like to inform that classes strat in October

During the classes, the participants will learn how to make models of army equipment. They will get to know various painting techniques while painting models as well as soldiers/figures in model building. One integral part of the classes is wargaming, i.e. strategy games based on models and figures of soldiers made by the participants. Another form of preparation for competition is creating models and adjustable terrains. In this type of work, we use all kinds of crafts materials (e.g. paints, canvas, cardboard, glues), technical materials (e.g. wood, styrofoam, metal, gypsum, sand), and modelling materials (e.g. modelling sand, grasses, tools for creating textures). During the classes, we design and then make the elements. Strategy games themselves involve learning the principles and rules of the game, and they are a lot of fun. The participants practice communication in a group, interactions in different age groups, develop strategic thinking, planning, spatial perception, learn to overcome their weaknesses, as well as the courage on the battlefield and in real life. Thanks to games and model building related to various time periods, they learn about military history, campaigns, ways of commanding armies, principles of battle, and biographies of commanders of the greatest conflicts and wars in history.