Meeting with the artist: Pablo Picasso

room: Mr. Kleks’s Academy, 208, 2nd floor
instructor: Julita Lipińska
ticket: PLN 10, booking places online or at the reception

What did Picasso’s first painting look like? What is the difference between images from the blue and pink periods apart from the color scheme? What is a collage? Discover the activities of the great artist and the collage technique that Picasso himself used. After a short presentation and collected knowledge, we will make abstract portraits using the collage technique.
A series of workshops Meeting with the artist. Meet the great artists whose activities influenced the history of art. Find out in what technique they created? What do the most famous works of art look like and why have they become so popular? Get inspired and create your unique creation! We will use known techniques that will stimulate your creativity and discover a new look at art.

Zdjęcie przedstawia dziewczynkę wykonującą metodą rysunkową portret artysty - Picassa.