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Mathematical distractions

16.00-16.40 (3 y.o.)
16.55-17.35 (4 y.o.)
17.50-18.40 (5-6 y.o.)
instructors: Adam Prygiel, Rafał Wodzicki
fee: PLN 140/ month.

Due to the current epidemic situation Mathematical distractions classes will be held online.
Classes will be held via instant messaging and conference services (Teams, etc.).
We invite regular participants to classes on Mondays at 16.00, 16.55 & 17.50
If you are willing to join the classes, please contact us by email:
More information from the instructor, please contact by email:
You will receive a link with the access to the classroom via e-mail.

A mathematics course for children, which introduces the youngest children to the abstract world of this science. The aim of the classes is to present different aspects of mathematics to children in a way that allows them to explore, discuss, and try their hand at mathematics, as well as play and understand numbers, sizes, shapes and formulas.
Our classes enable children to discover and see the world of mathematics from an early age. It’s amazing how children see geometric figures in every corner of their home after their first maths class. They learn to think, to derive satisfaction and joy from it, they love to count and play with numbers, and they become masters in estimation and prediction, often achieving better results than their teachers.
Mathematical tasks and challenges are great fun for our children. Professional, well-prepared teachers use the most modern educational techniques and a reliably structured curriculum.