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Marcin Masecki & Jerzy Rogiewicz RAGTIME

room: Broadway
ticket: 20 pln, buy a ticket online
Concert as part of the cycle “Another point of listening”

Marcin Masecki – an extraordinary pianist and multi-format composer will take us on a journey to the world full of charm, freedom that are present in the music of the beginning of the last century. This is a genre of special importance for the artist. It all began from one of the ragtime, The Entertainer, the iconic melody composed by Scott Joplin 80 years before Masecki’s birth. Eight-year-old Marcin heard him during a trip to Disneyland and that’s when he decided to become a jazz pianist. The dream has become a fact, and his work is filled with intriguing, original music and original interpretations of the classics.
Marcin invited an extraordinary artist – Jerzy Rogiewicz who accompanies him with this project.
And this is how the unique “Ragtime” album was created, the publisher is a Hungarian company BMC, and the concert we invite you is the Polish premiere.