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made in JAZZ: O.N.E. QUINTET

room: Broadway
tickets: PLN 20, buy online or at the DK KADR

O.N.E Quintet performs a proprietary program of compositions and arrangements by the instrumentalists who make it up. This is jazz played in a modern way, drawing inspiration from both contemporary music, hip hop and ethno.

Muc, Rusinowska, Atmańska, Drabek and Wybranczyk are outstanding representatives of the young generation of musicians, who are active on the jazz, avant-garde and pop scene on a daily basis.

O.N.E. QUINTET. In 2018, the Quintet was part of the Industriada / Women play Industria finals and had the honour to appear at the 100th anniversary of women’s political rights in Poland. In 2019, the band received a distinction at the “Ladies Jazz Festival” competition in Gdynia and a special award at the “Krokus Jazz Festival” 2019 in Jelenia Góra, and was also invited to the final line-up of the “B-Jazz International Contest” 2020 in Belgium.

5 pięknych, młodych i uzdolnionych artystek zespołu pozuje na piaszczystej plaży.