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Little Rascals

instructors: Magdalena Taperek, Patrycja Sasin
fee: PLN 190/month, trial class: PLN 50, one-time fee: PLN 60
room: Happy feet, 305, 3rd floor

These general development classes for children aged 2-3 are aimed at preparing them to start kindergarten. During the classes, the children are going to develop the physical, cognitive and emotional sphere. With small steps, adjusted to the individual pace of the kids, we help them to part with their parents. And above all, we create conditions where children can adapt to their peer group in a safe and stress-free environment.
At the beginning, the parent takes an active part in the classes with the child. Then, he or she simply sits and watches as the child plays, and, if needed, provides support. The next stages of the parent’s presence is going outside the room, standing behind the door, and in the end, the parent can leave the child alone and wait for the end of the class. Of course, the rhythm is not always the same. Each child is different, sometimes the parents need to participate in classes longer, and sometimes, they can leave the room already during the second class. The most important thing is for the child to feel safe and supported at all times.
The classes last 3 hours and are based mainly on group games ? movement, dance, art and thematic exercises that stimulate children’s development. During the classes, we are going to have a break for second breakfast so we would like to ask you to prepare your child?s favourite snack.
More information at: 668501075