Linguistic and artistic workshops

Free entrance, booking places online or by phone

Family workshops for children from 3 to 6 years old.
Linguistic and artistic workshops with elements of knowledge about the culture of Germany, France and Spain for children from 3 to 6 years and their parents – “Gofrove love” (French), “Deutsch mit Socke” (German), “Viaje a Espa?a” (Spanish language).

“Gofrove love”
instructor: Anna Szustak
room: Between words, 205, second floor
During the workshop, we will create Belgian style waffles. We will learn colors, names of ingredients, numbers en français, bien s?r! The whole workshop will be sprinkled with an old French song.

“Deutsch mit Socke”
instructor: Ewa Skalska
hall: Happy Feet, 305, 3rd floor
German language workshops combined with a screening of short films with the puppet “Socke” and her friend Esther. During this course, children and parents will experience German language games, take part in interactive games and finally make their own puppets.

“Viaje a Espa?a”
instructor: Małgorzata Moskalewicz
room: To lose of breath, 315 a/b, third floor
Spanish language workshops for the youngest are an hour’s trip to Spain, where dance, music and melodic language are intertwined. Theatrical, musical and rhythmic elements will be the main topic of our mutual play, to which we will be invited by a mysterious figure who is already mumbling with contentment