Let’s take care of the birds

The workshop will be conducted by the ornithologist Krzysztof Beznar and his daughter – Gaja.
entrance: free.

During the workshops we will learn what can be done to make life easier for birds in the city. Together, we will learn how to make a water bottle for birds and insects, and a simple bird feeder.

Materials (please prepare):

– Metal mug unnecessary, e.g., enamel with broken enamel
– Lard cube (unfortunately it can’t be margarine)
– Kernels of sunflower, wheat, corn, millet, other groats (or a ready-made mixture of grains for WILD birds)
– A stick

– A shallow bowl or flower stand (plastic)
– Bottle with a cap, about 1-1.5 litters (plastic)
– A handful of stones or expanded clay
– Screw diam. 4-6 mm long, approx. 15-25 mm with a nut and two wide washers
– Water

To prepare the feeder:
– A stove or a tourist burner, possibly a tea warmer for candles

To prepare the drinker:
– Piece of wire / nail and pliers or burner / soldering iron or possibly a screwdriver and a 4-6 mm drill bit
– Hot glue gun or other glue for plastic