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ART_committed Foundation
LEM_ONIADA is a theatrical and dance performance based on the work of Stanisław Lem, with particular emphasis on “robot cartoons?. The text was created by Paulina Danecka, directed by Waldemar Raźniak. The performance is directed to the older primary school youth, junior high school students and high school students.
The main theme of the spectacle is the attempt to recreate and interpret the concept of virtual space – cyber space. To this end, Lem’s frame of creativity and imagination was used. It is the spectacle about values and about a human being. There are universal themes and problems of the present youth, which more and more often lives among anti-values – mechanical relations, mechanical body, lack of communication, escape into the network, hatred – in the anti-world.
The LEM_ONIADA performance was awarded the first place in the Warsaw Cultural Education Program 2017 in the category of non-governmental organizations.

Zdjęcie ze spektaklu Lem_oniada, prezentujące trzech aktorów. Na pierwszym planie kobieta odziana w kamizelkę z kapturem. Kaptur zarzucony ma na głowę i tańczy w słonecznych okularach. W tle mężczyzna ściska w rękach biały balon i kobieta, która stoi bokiem do pozostałych aktorów i trzyma w ręku balon.