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Lassie Come Home

room: Broadway
tickets: PLN 15/20, buy a ticket online or at the reception

The story of the world’s most faithful dog. Twelve-year-old Flo and Lassie are the best friends. Unfortunately, the boy’s dad loses his job and the whole family has to move to a small apartment where dogs are not allowed. The dog is given into the hands of a spoiled girl – Priscilla, who takes him to her house by the sea. However, as soon as the opportunity arises, Lassie takes the chance and runs away. Also Flo, unable to bear loneliness, starts looking for a female. Although the two friends are hundreds of kilometres apart, the boy and the animal will do anything to be together again.

Directed by Hanno Olderdissen
Screenplay: Jane Ainscough
Genre: Family, Adventure
Production: Germany
Premiere: August 20, 2021
Time: 96 minutes

Plakat filmowy przedstawiający biegnącego przez pola psa rasy owczarek szkocki długowłosy.