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Kill the mafia

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Letizia Battaglia is an iconic figure in Italy. In the 1970s, she was the first Italian photojournalist to document the brutal murders and the impact of the Mafia on the lives of ordinary people. Her black and white photos from that time have not lost their message. They document the history of Cosa Nostra, they show the reality of violence, blood, power, and control that the mafia has spread. Striking, shocking, courageous, and risky photographs portray the ruthless world of oppression and fear. We watch everyday life in Sicily: from weddings to brutal murders of women and children. We get to know the story of people who, because of fear for their lives, decided to remain silent about the crimes they committed. The photos are provocative and enthusiastic at the same time, just like the life of Battaglia, who consciously broke with social conventions.

After her marriage, which ended in an early divorce, Letizia Battaglia lived in free relationships, mostly with partners who were much younger than herself. The film is a portrait of this unique personality. He interweaves black and white photographs with archival material from those times and sincere conversations with the artist, who negates the romantic narrative about the mafia and presents its true, cruel face.

dir. Kim Longinotto
Ireland / USA, 2018, 94 min