Katarzyna Warowna

Modern dance instructor, choreographer, performer, sociologist. She has several years of experience in working with children. She draws her inspiration from various methods, including Rudolf Laban’s concept of educational dance, task improvisation, and theatre pedagogy. Founder of children’s “Kontrasty” Dance Theatre. Author of educational and development workshops that combine theatre and dance, including: “Dream City” for kids aged 9-12 and “Scooters” for families with children aged 1-6. She completed a workshop design course for a spectacle organised by the Theatre Pedagogues Association at the Theatre Institute. She creates spectacles based on children’s visions and perception of the world. In practice, she often follows the ideas offered by the group, without an imposed class scenario. She has been fascinated with movement, dance, and theatre since she was a child. She is motivated by the desire to get to know the other person.