Jeremi Winiarski

Craftsman and jewellery artist, enthusiast of Afro-Brazilian martial arts, which he has been practising for the past 17 years. For 12 years, he trained Capoeira Regional in the Beribazu Warszawa group, under the eye of mestre Jorge Nascimento and mestre Aldo Martins. In 2012, he changed his style to capoeira angola and for the past 5 years, he has been training in Zimba Warszawa group under mestre Boca do Rio.
He participated in countless workshops and camps organised by various Brazilian martial arts groups. He practised Maculele, luta Livre, and Brazilian jujitsu under the best masters in all of these disciplines.
? 2008-2009, he taught Capoeira classes as part of physical education lessons at Community High School No. 2
? in the years 2014-2015, he taught children in Zimba Warszawa group
? since 2015, he teaches adults in Zimba Warszawa group