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Jazz Kadr

16.30-17.30 (children, youth 7-11 years old)
instructor: Agnieszka Penczonek
fee: PLN 120 / month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Breathless, 315 a / b, 3rd floor

Jazz dance classes are an unusual adventure, where we play and develop motor skills through the dance and we allow for a large dose of creativity and smile. Music, fun and various dance figures!

The most important thing is a holistic approach to development and shaping pro-healthy habits.

Jazz dance is very effective; it is based on jumping, spinning, playing with rhythm, dynamic and spatial movements, through which you can express yourself. During the classes there will be elements of ballet, modern dance, funky and improvisation. The choreography prepared during the classes will be shown to the audience.

The aim of the classes is to broaden horizons, develop dance skills and a enjoying a moment spent dancing.