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?Insta Show?

room: Broadway
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“Insta Show” is another project by choreographer Magdalena Przybysz in collaboration with the director Agata Życzkowska, founder of HOTELOKO movement makers. The spectacle is for junior high school and high school students: young, talented dancers and performers aged 13-16, selected for the project by way of casting. Instagram is a pretext to tell about the younger generation through movement and story telling.
The creators of the project encourage young performers to tell their teenagers about their identity. The starting point for conversations and searching for physical material is the topic of content posted by young people on one of the online social tools, Instagram – an extremely popular medium among the younger generation.
What is the essence of this project is the fact that Magdalena Przybysz and Agata Życzkowska perform a performance for young people and adults, in which they want to give a statement to young performers. They want to bring out the authenticity and artistic honesty of the message.