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Individual vocal classes

14.00 – 17.00
18.15 – 20.00
instructor: Dagmara Latosińska
fee: PLN 50/30 minutes, PLN 65/45 minutes, PLN 80/60 minutes
recording studio: Louder Than Bombs, 212a, 213a, 2nd floor

The classes are dedicated to children up to 5 years old and created with the ?anyone can sing? attitude in mind. We are going to learn how to sing or rather how to play with music. The participants will learn different methods of warming up the speech apparatus, voice hygiene, breathing exercises, expanding the vocal range, work on bridges, flow phonation, working with microphone, interpretation of vocal pieces and how to choose the right repertoire to fit the age and skills of individual class participants.

Registration for classes with the instructor by phone.
Mrs Dagmara Latosińska, mobile: 513 444 531