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In the AV Space

instructor: Piotr Wysocki
fee: PLN 180/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Blow-up, 301, 3rd floor, Matrix, 112, 1st floor

Classes suspended until a group of at least 5 people gather.
Please register online, if the group starts we will inform you.

Basic area of topics related to creating short audiovisual forms ? both commercial and non-commercial. Sound and image editing for video art, music videos, report from an event, marketing (promovid), video announcement, video report, or a finished videoclip. The workshop covers both practice and theory. From the concept to completion. From a screenplay, through setting lighting and recording material, up to editing, which includes learning how to use the Adobe Premiere program. The theoretical part will include discussion, video presentations, meetings with creators of video art as well as other audiovisual forms.
Possibility to prepare for exams and create a portfolio for the Academy of Fine Arts?: Multimedia.

Sample class topics:

  1. What do short audiovisual forms consist in, how do they different, and how to start making them?
  2. Three-act structure, creating short screenplays based on discussed schemes, films, analysis of works.
  3. Film tools: types of cameras, tripod, rig, slider, crane, gimbal ? what are they and what are they used for?
  4. Light, directions of lights, types of light sources, power, luminance, colour temperature, lighting accessories.
  5. Lens psychology, colour psychology, sound as a psychological tool.
  6. Composition as a way to manage the storytelling perspective, the meaning of camera movements, creating a short scene the by the class participants.
  7. Creating a clip: developing a screenplay, choosing film language, preparing storyboards, shoot.
  8. Editing theory, importing files, timeline, audio and video tracks, placing shots on tracks, cutting, trimming, rendering, exporting.
  9. Editing film material shot during the course.
  10. Graphic editing and preparation of the materials created during the classes for a public showing at the Kadr Culture Centre and for the internet.