“I will tell you a fairy tale”.

room: Broadway
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Another perspective on the events of August 1944. Heartbreaking and terrifying. Description of the Uprising through the eyes of a child, telling us a fairy tale about the events that took place during these 63 days.

On the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the outbreak of the Uprising, we invite you to the recording of the play “I will tell you a fairy tale” directed by Paweł Łysak, who had his premiere in the museum of the Warsaw Rising 10 years ago. The text of the performance, written by Paweł Sztarbowski, is an adaptation of fairy tales of Zofia Lorentz and memories of children’s witnesses of the Uprising, which were collected in the archive of Museum of Oral History. The performance is an attempt to see the rebel struggle through the eyes of a child and to impose a fairy tale or myth filter on that reality.

Screenplay: Paweł Sztarbowski based on stories by Zofia Lorentz and the Museum of Oral History
Set design and costumes: Mirosław Kaczmarek,
Music: Piotr Bukowski, Alla Polacca choir conducted by Sabina Włodarska.
Cast: Mateusz Łasowski, Marta Ściłowicz, Dominika Biernat, Anita Sokołowska, Michał Jarmicki

After the screening, one of the tales will be presented by actresses from the Theater ?Teraz Poliż?.