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Concept and choreography: Ilona Trybuła
Live music / collaboration: Adam Świtała
Direction of the light: Ewa Garniec
Creation and performance:.
Spectacle of students of the Dance Theater in Bytom
Duration: 45 min

The performance is a result of a research project which was about improvisation, realized with WTT students.
This is a performance that raises questions and the implications of the response, where attention follows the events that play a decisive role in the process of incarnation.
Built around familiar states of comfort and discomfort and what is completely unknown, new.
We share the experience of the body, we confront each other, we negotiate the shape and operating conditions, we build.
This performance is based on
Our desires
Our fears
Our laughter
Our gravity and inattention
This spectacle is a risk and we take it.

After the performance we invite you to meet the artists. The meeting is led by Hanna Raszewska-Kursa.