HOW? ? Me, Cultural Animator

The project HOW? ? Me, Cultural Animator is an international series of meetings of young people from the Culture Centre ?Kadr? in Warsaw and the Center for Children and Youth in Vilkaviskis, that took place in Olecko- a place of a many intercultural activities at the crossroads of Polish and Lithuanian culture.

The aim of the meeting was to gain by the participants the competencies that enhance their social activity, allow to create reality, and understand the cultural differences that exist between the project?s partners.

The project HOW? ? Me, Culture Animator is a response to the need of getting by young people tools to express their views and needs in an understandable language. It is also an attempt to confront previous experience of an international group in the implementation of their own projects. all participants were thought the methods and interesting business models, that enabled them to complete valuable projects A topic of the project: My activity in the local environment as a platform for personal development, realized through discussions, simulation games, workshops in areas such as theater, dance, photography and film.

The project activities was completed by a happening, being an artistic synthesis of the topics raised during the discussions and workshops, translated into the language of art. The project enriched us in the competences that have been later used in local communities.

The project was financed by the Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange,
Project took place between 04.05.2014-28.07.2014,
The duration of the youth exchange 22.06-28.06.2014,
Location: Olecko
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