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How can you become a Youtuber?

instructor: Michał Wolniak
fee: PLN 200/ month
room: Matrix, 112, 1st floor, Zoom, 301, 3rd floor

•how to vlog and effectively promote your work on the Internet
•how to create static and moving images – composition, colour, film sets and their meaning, camera movement, editing axes, visual analysis of films.
•camera/film camera/telephone – how and what to shoot?
•film editing.
•acting and working with an actor.
•working on a set
•a documentary.
•a feature film.
•publishing and promotion
•work on image, self-presentation
•work on role
•work on diction
•developing imagination, creativity

– Celtix (script-writing),
– OBS (software that allows to record a desktop, an image from a webcam),
– Lightworks (editing software),
– Audacity (sound recording), –Tasks and exercises on individual theoretical issues, – Realization of the final film using the available means